Oct 22, 2012

Speed Skating season started in Holland!

In Holland you can skate already in the mid October. Viesti Skaters where visiting skate arenas in Haarlem and Alkmaar. The speed skating season in Finland starts in November (Seinäjoki opens 3 - 4th of Nov)

Oct 7, 2012

Salon Viesti as a club was established 100 years ago. The "birthday-party" was yesterday in the old "Viesti-house" where the main speaker was the President Mr Sauli Niinistö. The founders of the club in 1912 where speed skaters and the Speed Skating club of Salon Viesti 2012 carry on this tradition and the legend goes on! You can find more "birthday party" photos from our FB pages.

Apr 19, 2012

Indoor inlines @Somero 21.4.2012

See the link (Fin) for more information:

Hit the link!

From Viesti Speed skaters "Otto" will take part to boys under 15

Apr 6, 2012

Hanhivaara training days done!

The Hanhivaara sport center had new visitors when inline skaters dominate the floors on the spot. Warm-ups, slide board training, curves, group skating and some floor ball games with inlines......a lot of fun of course.

Here is some "memories" from that event:

And let us be careful out there!!! :)

Mar 12, 2012

Training days @Hanhivaara 31.3 - 1.4.2012

Salon Viesti Speed Skating team is having a two day training event for Pro inline skaters at Hanhivaara sport center, see the invitation from the picture (in Fin):

Feb 26, 2012

Ice Marathon results from Kuopio!

Salon Viesti Speed Skaters took 3 medals from Kuopio. In the ladies 50km the winner was Sanna Karjalainen (center in the picture) and second went to Minna Hyvärinen (left on the picture) Olli "ice-man" Sjö took 3rd place in the Finnish championships (200km)!!!

Results can be found here:

Feb 18, 2012

Kuopio Ice Marathon 25.2.2012

Salon Viesti Speed Skating team will have four skaters this year in Kuopio Ice Marathon and the weather looks much better already than last year!

All the info from the event can be found from this link:


Feb 6, 2012

Hanhivaara rullistreenit/Hanhivaara inline trainings

Salon Viestin Luistelujaoston rullaluisteluharjoitukset pidetään Hanhivaaran liikuntakeskuksessa Salossa 1 - 2 krt/viikossa. Harjoitusten kesto on 0.5 - 1h väkimäärästä riippuen. Mukaan kannattaa ottaa omat rullaluistimet, jossa ei ole jarrupalaa kiinni. Harjoituksissa keskitytään luisteluasentoon, perusluisteluun ja kurvitekniikkaan....luistelunopeudella tai kokemuksella ei ole väliä. Seuraa harjoitusaikatauluja web -sivuilta tai liity Viestin luistelujaoston tykkääjiin FB -sivuilla.

Salon Viesti Speed Skating team is having inline trainings 1 - 2 times per week in Hanhivaara training center (Salo). The training's will last 0.5 - 1 hour depending on how many participants we will have. Take your own skates with you, but leave the break-rubber home. In the inline training's we will focus on body position, basic skating and curve technic....it does not matter how experienced or fast you are, just join us! The timetable for the weekly training's can be followed from the web site or join our FB pages.

Jan 21, 2012

Skates of "Urho" done!

Speed skating in Salo started 100 years ago....this morning the story goes on, whe the annual "Skates of Urho" were done in Moisio 300m track.

There was a time skate so that first skate lasted 15min and the second one 30min, only full laps were taken for the results.

Thanks to all skaters and for the lap counters!

From the link the results:


Jan 17, 2012

Skates of "Urho" 21st of January!

The one and only...skates of Urho will be in Moisio 333m track 22nd of January, be there and keep the tradition on going!

Jan 15, 2012

First inline skating indoors 2012

Inline skating is possible now in Hanhivaara sportcenter in Salo. Club trainings will start in a few weeks, so find your skates and come and share the fun!

Follow our FB pages for the training days.

Ther surface of the hall is pretty good for training and "after-skate" can be done in the Sauna&Cafeteria.

Nov 28, 2011

Start of Maraton Cup 4th of December

The first start will be in Seinäjoki 4th of December and next race will be in Oulu:

Maraton Cup 2011/2012

4.12.2011 Seinäjoki-luistelu Seinäjoki
17.12.2011 Oulun luistelumaraton Oulu
15.1.2012 Kalle Valtosen maraton & ratamaratonin SM Helsinki
21.1.2012 Jyväskiepin luistelu Jyväskylä
28.-29.1.2012 36. Jussin luistelu/Kalevan kierros Helsinki
11.2.2012 100 km SM-kilpailu Suonenjoki
25.2.2012 200 km SM-kilpailu Kuopio

Oct 16, 2011

Speed Skating season 2011 started in Holland!

A couple of skaters from Salon Viesti speed skating club have started their skating season this year in Holland so white-blacks has been seen in Alkmaar and Haarlem ice rings too!

Jul 26, 2011

Viesti Speed Skating club will be 100 years old in 2012!

The club of Salon Viesti was founded in 1912 and speed skating was a popular hobby in those days and so it was among the founders of the club.

The first official race was 1916 when the speed skating was done on top of the Salo river but a track was made to a field close to the "city" center. The facilities has always been a problem and after a 100 years the problem remains the same, where to skate with speed skates!? The indoor places are too small and meant only for ice hockey. Outdoor track (333m) only comes if the winter is cold enough and if the city of Salo has money in the future the freeze it! But even with challenges the speed skating will go on and 2012 the club will be 100 years old, stay tuned for upcoming events and have a nice summer and let us wait for the winter....: