Feb 6, 2010

Mr Ice 2nd in 100km championships!

Mr Olli Sjö from Salon Viesti Speed Skating club took 2nd place in 100km race held in Oravi, Finland. The race was won by Joonatan Pappinen from Kuopio Speed Skating club.
"I open my final "run" 1km before the finish line, but Joonatan was stronger in the final 500m", say Mr Ice.

Top 3 in 100km race:
1) Joonatan Pappinen, Kuls, 3:42:12
2) Olli Sjö, SalVi, 3:42:14
3) Ossi Sippu, Varkaus 3:42:22

Final results coming up later on, stay tuned!

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